On Saturday 11 November, QLS launched the Pan-Hellenic QLS Anti-Bullying Week (concurrently with the UK Anti-Bullying Week) and completed, for 2017, its trainings which certified the first 120 Greek Anti-Bullying Ambassadors! The 4th training day, provided exclusively to 30 students of QLS schools, took place at the Kalandranis Foreign Language Centre in Kypseli, Athens.

The innovative Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme is part of the new prestigious collaboration between QLS and the Princess Diana charity and was previously hosted by QLS in Crete & Thessaloniki, in April, and in Athens, in June. In November, students from Athens and Chalkida had the opportunity to learn the life skills and tools necessary to tackle bullying in their communities and at the end of the day-long training they became certified Anti-Bullying Ambassadors -a valuable qualification both for their personal as well as professional life! It is worth noting that the teaching staff who accompanied the students received separate training by Mr Paul Hanmore , the British trainer who trained the students.

The programme is expected to return to Greece in 2018 with new training days organized for students of QLS schools!

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