Learning to learn with QLS

People assimilate knowledge, understand and behave in very diverse ways, which formulate their very personal learning intelligence profile, which can now be charted by specialised tests. The “LEARNING to LEARN” project has utilised two such tests: a) the ARISTON MI, which maps out a student’s learning profile and b) the ARISTON Self Esteem test, through which the student’s perception of his own standing within the family, the school and amongst his peers is clearly recorded.

The aim of the project is to encourage the effective use of the students’ mental and emotional skills and to develop their sense of self esteem, enabling them to cope with the many demands of a contemporary society.

The “LEARNING TO LEARN” program is structured in a sequence of seminars conducted in collaboration with the scientific team of the Psychometric Ariston Series of Computer Academy Ltd.

“LEARNING TO LEARN” means learning how to:

  • rely on my strengths and to overcome my weaknesses.
  • be motivated and have a positive attitude towards learning.
  • develop mature and critical thinking.
  • obtain an exceptional memory and learn to concentrate.
  • manage my time.
  • organize my tasks more effectively.
  • acquire knowledge and know how to recall it.

Whether it’s dealing with school lessons, doing music lessons, or participating in sports, “LEARNING TO LEARN” helps the learner master every area of learning, not only in the best possible way but also in a simple and effortless manner.

In order to receive information on the new series of educational seminars being offered in your area, contact your nearest QLS language school, member of the QLS Network of quality language schools.


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