3rd QLS Online Book Club Competition on Sunday 2nd April 2023 which is World Children’s Book Day


Over 300 students from 15 QLS schools participated with great enthusiasm in this challenging, educational competition. We are excited to see our EFL learners take on this challenge and discover the joy of reading in English. We hope that this will inspire them to continue reading and learning beyond the competition.

Cultivating a habit of reading is one of the best ways to improve language skills, and the QLS Book Club provides an excellent opportunity to do so. By encouraging our learners to read in English, we help them not only improve their language proficiency but also enhance their critical thinking and creativity and acquire the habit of life-long learning.

We would like to thank:

  1. Burlington Books for providing the books and the 45 prizes for the winners, as well as their team of 3 representatives Christina Bakopoulou, Sophia Goudi and Alexandra Ladonikola who prepared and conducted the quizzes.
  2. EXPRESS PUBLISHING for the books and the 9 prizes for the winners and their representative Katerina Mandadaki for preparing and conducting the quiz.

The QLS Book Club Team organised the following events during the school year 2022-23:

  • Halloween Escape Room with Frankenstein for D/E-F-C1/C2
  • Christmas Kahoot competitions on Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” for A & B
  • 3 Escape Rooms based on Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” for C-D/E-F-C1/C2
  • 2 webinars “Discover Shakespeare with Dr Luke Prodromou “ for C-D/E-F-C1/C2
  • The 3rd QLS Online Book Club Competition