August 2015 , Athens , MI Seminar , QLP -QLS Learning Profile

In our continuing pursuit of innovative high quality language teaching, QLS schools have been administering the QLP test (QLS Learning Profile), through which they determine the unique learning profiles of students and assist QLS Teachers and Learners alike in achieving set goals.

QLS recognizes the need to provide members and their teachers with specific guidelines that will facilitate the familiarization with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory and the utilisation of the resulting QLP profiles in as many classroom situations as possible.

It was precisely this need that led to the creation of the QLP Multiple Intelligences Guide intended to help Teachers differentiate their lesson in a concerted effort to include all learner types through identifying

  • the intelligence(s) that each activity is aimed at,
  • the most appropriate activity for each type of learner and
  • how activities can best be adapted to include all the learner types in a particular lesson.

We are confident that the Guide will assist all QLS members in their quality endeavours in providing pioneering teaching, which will ultimately add to their comparative advantage.

The QLS Education Team


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