Eaquals Teacher training seminar in Greece, Tripoli , 22/10/2016

CPD through Eaquals Teacher Training Event

The first Eaquals Teacher training seminar in Greece was organised by Bourtsoukli Language Centre in Tripoli on 22nd October 2016.

Revisiting the core elements of receptive skills was the theme of the event giving participant teachers an insightful look into the way Reading and Listening skills should be taught in the classroom. Jo Watson, an experienced Eaquals Trainer ran the session in the form of a workshop, keeping attendees actively engaged in a variety of stimulating activities.

The whole session had a direct impact on teachers’ professional development and their teaching competences. Not only did they reflect on their own teaching practices but also explored how to help learners develop their Reading and Listening skills through well-designed tasks and classroom interaction.

The innovation of this workshop was that it was being broadcast through a platform via live-streaming as a webinar, thus distant QLS members and their teaching staff could watch it live. Also, online participants could take part in the workshop as all handouts were available to them online, as well.

Participants were also informed about the use of EPG (European Profiling Grid) and its implementation as well as Eaquals. Undoubtedly, Training sessions like this, deepen teachers’ subject knowledge and renew their passion for the joy of teaching.

Sincere thanks to everyone who made this event such a success (Eaquals, QLS, Burlington Books, Deree College, Cosmolearn).

Looking forward to organising the next one‼

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