QLS -Debate Club Guide

This house believes that QLS schools should set up debating teams…….

Debating facilitates the involvement of learners in a truly challenging activity; a combat of sorts with “words as their weapons” as Denzel Washington termed it in the film The Great Debaters 2007. The need to defend one’s position and to voice counter arguments makes debating an inspiring process. It encourages learner engagement in research, which in turn opens a window to world issues. Debating helps learners to become more confident communicators, effective public speakers and better able to convey their ideas in academic, social as well as professional settings. It encourages critical thinking and last but not least it provides learners with opportunities for language practice.

It was with all this in mind that the QLS Education Team set about producing this Debate Guide.

Much thought and effort has gone into the preparation of this ‘tool’, which, we hope, will serve to encourage QLS teachers to recognize the value of debating, and inspire them to hold their own debates.  It is hoped that school debates will lead  to inter-school debates involving all member schools and … who knows…. at a later date we may find ourselves debating with similar language institutions in neighbouring countries…

… Because as with everything else in QLS, the sky’s the limit!

…… Motion resolved.


Good Luck with your debates!